This blog will allow me to introduce myself as Sade' Naeema. Aspiring photographer. Aspiring artist. Aspiring life. Welcome to my world as I see it.
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truest shit ive ever read

bullshit. cheaters don’t strive for A’s. they strive for C’s. getting A’s make shit look to obvious especially when you ain’t doing the bare minimum in class

I went for A’s when I cheated.

who wants to cheat for a c? if you gon cheat, cheat big

"lemme rob this bank for 3 grand…. dont wanna make it….obvious"
Working on engagement photos for an awesome couple and I came across this old pic with @milezarelli  who helped me work on an assignment…….I think I might be a photo hoarder.
#happy #happyfriday #happyspring 

Photography by @gregpdavenport8 
Model @sadenaeema
Link—Stimulate Hair Growth
Link—Popular Oils, Butters, Natural Ingredients and How to use them on Natural hair
Link—4 Reasons Castor Oil is Basically Magic
It’s not often I can get my mother to go to somewhere with me especially when it’s celebrating the natural hair #afrocentric community but she came out today ♡ #loveher #mymom #naturalhairexpo
Hair is back but my hairstyle is wack :/ #ohwell
…..Photography by @adlibisanartist